What is School of Hot?

If you’ve found yourself stumbling onto this page, it’s likely because you feel something isn’t right. You know something is wrong with the world but you haven’t entirely figured out what it is yet… perhaps it could very well be… the sexy. “*Gasps* The sexy? What is the sexy?” The sexy is directly correlated with the health of the hotness and the hotness is the life energy of all the XwoMen. You’ll only be missing the sexy if you’re an XwoMan because only the shebeasts yearns to protect the health of their hotness. See, not everyone out there needs to feed into their hotness. That’s why you’ll see many women (and men) going about their days being utterly OK without, the sexy. They don’t need it! They’re not like you! They’ll never be like you! But that’s OK because I have a special covenant for women just like you. A safe haven where you can breed your hotness in no shame or judgement. This is my School Of Hot. ONLY for the Xwoman.

Here at School Of Hot, I teach you how to be the best version of yourself through simple guidelines on my blog. I’ll teach you all my secrets and open a whole new world to you. A happier, healthier place where you will no longer feel self conscious, you’ll no longer speak badly of yourself and most of all you will treat your body like the fine specimen it truly is!

Follow me and unleash all hidden super powers today!

Train at Fizziology

School of Hot (SOH) is an all female group class, where I mesh strength, functional, cardiovascular, balance and flexibility training. Women of all ages and fitness levels may partake. Classes are between 2-6 women at a time, with a fair number of classes per week which everyone in SOH have access to. In SOH we uplift one another and we believe that being sexy is a side effect of hard work, considerate behaviour and mastering ourselves.

Create your own class

You can create your own SOH class if you and 3+ other friends are interested in joining. This will allow you to pick an available time and enjoy the reasonable pricing structure that comes with SOH.


I am currently training at X Body Fitness (6 Thicket Street, Newlands, 7725). There are showering facilities available in the gym (male and female bathrooms), a Tan Can, Physiotherapists, a Coffee shop run by our amazing deaf barista as well as free, secure parking available to all members.

Personal Training in Claremont, Cape Town

Personal training allows you the opportunity to be specific about the type of training you desire as well as have all my attention. I can give my PT clients more of myself and focus a lot more on their goals.  I have limited availability for my 1-on- 1 training, however please contact me to enquire!