Oreo Ice-Cream Cookies

Raw Oreo Icecream Cookies(VEGAN+GLUTENFREE)

When one has minimal food groups to choose from and cravings like the average human, one must not accept defeat! What could I munch on that was easy to make, crunchie and sweet? Since my days of dunking Oreos are sadly behind me, I’ve adopted a not so sad alternative to fulfilling my biscuit dreams! I am now dunking these babies into my almond milk *Swoon* and you will too…

Less guilt (A LOT less), less effort, less time spent, less BAD calories, MORE NUTRIENTS.

Did you know that cacao is where chocolate actually originated from? But that the chocolate we eat today contains no cacao and thus lacks ALL the health benefits of real chocolate? Nevermind cocoa, Cacao is the purest kind of chocolate you will find and far more superior than, cocoa.

three vegan gluten free oreo cookies with cashew nut butter filling, stacked against each other on a white plate with cacao nibs.

They taste the best after being in the freezer for a couple of hours! However, they can be eaten immediately after completion.


The cookies- These cookies are made by, The Allergen baker. They don’t contain any wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, preservatives, chemicals etc… They’re made using carob which give them that awesome chocolatey taste! You can buy them here.

The filling

2 big bananas or 3 small ones

4 heaping tablespoons Cashew butter

A handful of Cacao nibs


Sweetner 1 tablespoon agave (vegan)/golden syrup (woollies sells a vegan one)/honey

Blend all ingredients together (either by spoon or in blender, I use a spoon), dish onto biscuits and serve/freeze.

You can refrigerate /freeze the rest of the filling to be used again!2 cookies bitten into, 1 cookie stacked on top of each other on a white plate with cacao nibs

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