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Fizziology is my brand and it is everything that I stand for. It encapsulates all my ideas surrounding health and fitness and manifests itself through me.

I am a qualified personal trainer with a passion for living holistically. I strive to be good to my body, mind and soul- and to refrain from polluting any of these entities.  As much as I love all aspects of fitness, my main passion is aesthetic driven training. Just like a sculptor, I love helping people transform and sculpt their bodies. The natural world is filled with balance and harmony and I love expressing that through the physical form. Having a balanced physique is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye… then rounding it off with a strong inner being creating harmony within your entire self.

More about Nellyfizzle: I have participated in fitness bikini competitions, marathons as well as dancing, kickboxing and dabble in some bjj, capoeira and yoga. I also have a hiking group and we regularly try new routes. Besides health my other passions include humanitarian work, astrophysics and cosmology, history and culture, rock music, animals, religion, spirituality and truth-seeking.

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