Raw and Roxy Dessert Review

Raw and Roxy was on my bucket-list for a while now and I just never got around to going! All items on the menu are made from raw ingredients, completely vegan and gluten free (I knew Santa was listening). I really don’t think Cape Townians understand what a gem this place is and we have it right here in our city!? Not only does the food inspire health, but the atmosphere alone banishes all negative vibrations. Picture high ceilings, white walls, an abundance of sunshine, flowers, plants, beautiful people and get this… A curve at the back of the restaurant for all your photographic pleasures. If you’ve been following me you’ll know I have a sweet tooth so I decided to go straight for the dessert platter so I could get the 411 on each dessert.

colourful raw vegan dessert platter stylishly decorated

The platter is for 1 or 2 (I personally think its enough for 2!) priced at R95 and has 8 mini desserts on it (2 of each):

A Strawberry Cheesecake

A Carrot Cake

A Cashew Milk Vanilla Magnum AND

A Chocolate Ganache- Ze piece de resistance as they would say in France…

raw and roxy menu with dessert explanation and flowers

I couldn’t believe the quality and quantity I got for my money- honestly, as somebody who spends most of her earnings on high quality food, I know how much these ingredients cost and then the workmanship on top of that… So that was my first impression. But note: If healthy eating is not your thing (Why are you reading my blog lol and also) then you may not appreciate the context of the plate.

So my food looked like it was fresh off the red carpet, styled by Gabrielle Kannemeyer, slipped out its glass slipper and fell right onto my plate. It was also served to me by a very friendly and helpful member of team Raw and Roxy and I’m almost certain even the flowers on my plate were edible… anyway I’m still alive and feel great!

RAW Desserts

My favourite was the carrot cake, not because I’m a huge fan of carrot cake… but not only did they replicate the taste of carrot cake for me they improved on it. Instead of feeling shivers up my spine from every spoonful, I just felt like i was munching on a candy flavoured carrot patch.

carrot cake decorated with carrot shavings and different types of nuts

The strawberry cheesecake- As much as I LOVE strawberries, they’re never really my first choice in a dessert- unless its a milkshake then its always first choice. However, this is strawberry cheesecake, never mind strawberry and chocolate, it’s all about that strawberry and cheese now- how sexy? Take your boyfriend…

close up of a raw, vegan, strawberry cheesecake with a purple flower and chocolate sauce

Cashew and Vanilla Ice-cream- Had I known then, what I know now I would’ve popped the whole thing in my mouth and let it melt… On a scale of 1-5 how susceptible are you to brain freeze? ‘I’m quite strong so maybe you should cut it in half before going full throttle… The ice-cream is vegan so of course it will be a little harder than dairy- this is why you should leave this beauty for last so you can really appreciate it. You’re welcome… This is what I’m here for.

white cashew icecream decorated with chocolate sauce, strawberries and flowers

The Chocolate Ganache- What do you want to hear, ITS CHOCOLATE… And its moist and it’s telling every fibre in your being it loves you. Chemical reactions while eating this is on fleek. No disappointments here.

Chocolate ganache sprinkled with cocoa powder and decorated with strawberries

Photo Cred: Muneeba Boltman @Neebz_

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